Integrative Services

Complementary medicine for mind, body and spirit.
Integrative Services

Integrative Therapies

You deserve the best treatment possible — for mind, body and spirit. HealthEast encourages you to complement your medical care with integrative therapies. Also known as complementary medicine or complementary therapies, the use of these therapies along with traditional medical care may promote comfort and enhance your ability to heal and recover.

Our nurses practice a holistic model of care, recognizing the importance of body, mind and spirit in the healing process. Integrative therapies are designed to enhance, not replace, traditional therapeutic measures such as pain medication, exercise and therapy.

Integrative therapies are included in your care at HealthEast for no additional fee. Please let your nursing staff know if you or a member of your family is interested in any of the integrative therapies offered at HealthEast, and your caregiver will make a referral for appropriate services when available.

Available integrative therapies include:



Acupuncture is a method of natural health care that is thought to help the body regain its flow of energy and maintain energetic balance. It may be used to strengthen your immune system and manage a variety of health conditions, including: pain, headache/migraine, morning sickness, post-surgical nausea, nausea after chemotherapy, respiratory problems, digestive discomfort or dysfunction, fatigue, insomnia, endocrine imbalance, stress, anxiety and more.

During acupuncture, fine, sterile needles are inserted at precise points on the body to redirect patterns of energy circulation. When the needles are inserted, the majority of patients feel minimal discomfort. After acupuncture, patients often experience a calming effect and an improved sense of well-being, in addition to getting relief for their symptoms.

Acupuncture is often used as a complementary medicine, in conjunction with conventional medicine. Acupuncture is administered by an experienced, licensed acupuncturist.

*Acupuncture is available to Cancer Center and Pain Center patients with a doctor's referral. It is also available in select departments at HealthEast hospitals.


Acupressure combines the natural health care of acupuncture with massage therapy. By applying massaging pressure to the same points on the body acupuncture uses, acupressure redirects patterns of energy circulation to help you maintain health.

Acupressure can also help reduce nausea and pain. Acupressure bands are available to help treat nausea. These bands go on your wrist and have a small button to apply pressure to specific points between the two tendons on your arm. 

Energy-based therapies

Energy-based healing may be available to you to aid relaxation and support your natural healing process. This therapy has been used to help our patients reduce pain, decrease stress, lessen nausea, promote relaxation and facilitate sleep.

Essential oils 

Essential oils are plant extracts that can restore balance to your body, primarily through the sense of smell. They can be used by breathing them in, adding them to your bath or applying them to your skin through massage oils. The scents trigger the area in the brain affecting mood, emotions, memory and learning.

The essential oils used at HealthEast come from organically grown plants and are specially blended by a certified aromatherapist. These oils are used to support your healing process, and may reduce nausea, anxiety and pain. Due to hospital regulations and safety reasons, only hospital approved essential oils are allowed and are available from your nursing staff. Please leave your own oils and diffusers at home.

Guided imagery

As a directed form of imagination, guided imagery can help support your healing process. Using your memories, dreams, inner perceptions and visions, and sometimes one or more of your senses, it connects the mind, body and spirit. Because guided imagery has been shown effective in reducing pain and anxiety, it’s often used to promote sleep relaxation. Guided imagery topics include affirmations, general wellness, meditation, easing pain, successful surgery and other topics.

Healing music

Each hospital has its own C.A.R.E. (Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment) television that offers scenes of nature with relaxing music. Ask your caregivers for the channel at your location. Our patient areas are also equipped with CD players so you can listen to healing music throughout the day to support your healing process.


Simple massage has many health benefits, including the stimulation of weak, inactive muscles. It may also enhance the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Staff and trained volunteers provide hand and foot massages when available.